We Are Michigan Founders Fund

An inclusive network of high-growth founders committed to supporting each other and funding solutions for communities across the state where we live and operate.

Our Impact (2020-2023)

We’re not just based in Michigan – we’re committed to being a key part of a thriving state.

Learn how our Members and MFF stay invested locally, mentoring the next generation of entrepreneurs and investing in the future of Michigan.

Our Mission

To drive the growth of inclusive, successful startups and advance civic leadership in Michigan.

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Founders for Founders

Founders and VCs who help one another in the growth of their companies.

Founders for Community

Members who give where they live and are active in communities across Michigan.

Why Join Michigan Founders Fund

Early founders

  • Connect with founders across Michigan.
  • Learn from founders who have been there before.
  • Get connected to VCs and resources to scale faster.

Experienced founders

  • Share your experience to help early founders.
  • Gain access to advisory and board options.
  • Help grow Michigan’s startup ecosystem.

Venture capitalists

  • Transform carry into community prosperity.
  • Connect with founders growing great companies.
  • Help grow inclusive, equitable startups.
Meet Our Members

Hear from Some of Our Founders

Why I joined: Joining Michigan Founders Fund was a strategic move for TRS, offering us vital access to a dynamic network of resources, funding, and expertise, while allowing us to contribute our unique insights and solutions to tackle recidivism and foster positive community impact.

Katy Kelly
Total Reentry Solutions

Why I joined: I was looking to connect with like-minded entrepreneurs as I launched my own tech startup. I’m using my experiences here to promote STEM education and Michigan mobility innovation.

Dan Champoux
GEKOT Robotics

Why I joined: We are excited about the potential for growth and collaboration that the community of founders at MFF provides, and want to share our own experiences with the network.

Deirdre Roberson
The Lab Drawer

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