Collectively contributing to a stronger, more inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystem where we live and operate.

Michigan Founders Fund is a network of entrepreneurs and investors who have pledged 1% of equity or carry to support impactful local organizations throughout the state who are doing the work to better our communities and enrich quality of life.

Our Mission

Grow the presence of successful high-growth ventures and advance civic leadership in Michigan.

We accomplish this by:

  1. Creating a strong, inclusive, and active founder-to-founder support network to help leaders succeed in their ventures;
  2. Driving a for-purpose, founders-for-founders and founders-for-community culture;
  3. Providing founders with a simple mechanism for philanthropic giving and opportunities to become community leaders in parallel to being business leaders.

Our Values & Pillars of Growth


Ongoing support through the sharing of ideas, struggles and experiences leads to better chances of success.

Founders seeing themselves and finding fellowship through peer exchange and relationship building.


The capability to relate and work effectively across cultures can transform companies and communities.

Setting the foundation for equity and inclusion.


The more we understand community needs and risks in relationship to the needs of emerging companies, the better equipped we are to positively affect both.

Creating groundedness to and generating capital for MI.


These pillars lay the foundation to collectively create the future we want to see across our state. Entrepreneurs working together and with community leaders results in a stronger, more sustainable Michigan.

The Team

Jen Baird

Advisory Council

Founder, Jenuity Consulting

Nia Batts

Advisory Council

General Partner, Union Heritage

Erika Block

Advisory Council

Principal, Sticky Lab

Sydney Davis

Advisory Council

Founder & CEO, NixCode

Wafa Dinaro

Advisory Council

Executive Director, New Economy Initiative

Shamyle Dobbs

Advisory Council

CEO, Michigan Community Resources

Christina Fair

Advisory Council

Co-founder, Hum

Adrian Fortino

Board Treasurer

Managing Director, Mercury

Bhushan Kulkarni

Board Co-chair

Co-Founder & CEO, InfoReady

Katy Locker

Board Director

CEO, Center for Michigan

Pete Martin

Director of Connection

Michigan Founders Fund

Lisa McLaughlin

Advisory Council

Co-founder, Workit Health

Nick Moroz

Advisory Council

Director of Entrepreneurial Practice, University of Michigan

Rishi Moudgil

Executive Director

Michigan Founders Fund

Doug Neal

Advisory Council

Co-founder & Managing Director, eLab Ventures

Jeff Rinvelt

Advisory Council

Partner, Renaissance Venture Capital

Prashant Salla

Advisory Council

Founder & CEO, Goodhood

Emily Samar

Emerging Talent & Ecosystem Engagement Program Lead

Michigan Founders Fund

Dug Song

Co-founder and Board Chair

Michigan Founders Fund

Johnnie Turnage

Advisory Council

Founder & CEO, EvenScore

Erin Walker

Advisory Council

Employer Engagement, Detroit Regional Chamber

Our History

Michigan Founders Fund (MFF) is a 501(c)3 public charity representing the collective action of the state’s high-growth entrepreneurs. By equipping startup leaders with founder-first programming and company-building support, diversity, equity, and inclusion-focused resources, and a simple mechanism for philanthropic giving, we empower each other to accelerate business growth and community development. Michigan Founders Fund previously served the community as the Ann Arbor Entrepreneurs Fund, an initiative of the Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation that was launched in 2019 with a focus on Washtenaw County. To advance the support of high-growth entrepreneurs, increase programming, and take a new approach to grantmaking efforts, an independent and re-structured organization was established in December 2021. MFF is dedicated to supporting founders and communities wherever they are throughout the state of Michigan.