The MFF Internship Program

Michigan’s high-growth startup and venture capital ecosystem continues to grow at a rapid pace but the talent within this community is often disproportionate to the diversity found across the state. In an effort to grow Michigan’s diverse, local talent, Michigan Founders Fund has partnered with startups, colleges, and talent leaders to launch the MFF Internship Program. Our goals are to: 

  • Provide an opportunity for underrepresented students in Michigan to gain exposure to high-growth  entrepreneurship and professional experiences that can equip them to pursue careers as startup leaders and founders;
  • Allow tech companies the opportunity to develop and strengthen diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives and to reach new talent across the state.

Meet the 2023 Interns

This year’s interns are an incredible group of students from across the state who want to grow their careers in Michigan’s startup ecosystem. 79% of the cohort identify as Black, Indigenous, or a Person of Color, 79% identify as women, 29% are part of the LGBTQ+ community, and 36% are PELL-eligible.

MFF interns have started working at Michigan startups and will spend the summer participating in skill-building workshops, cohort check ins, networking opportunities, and mentorship. We’re hosting a networking event for interns and startup leaders this July, which is open to all who want to grow a more equitable and welcoming startup ecosystem – learn more and RSVP here!

Ashraf Hammoud
Software Development Intern,
University of Michigan – Dearborn

Caira Blevins
Case Design Intern, Signal Advisors
University of Michigan

Danielle Ewang
Finance Intern, Signal Advisors
University of Michigan

Harshita Challa
Visualization Programmer Intern, Kall Morris Inc.
University of Michigan

Isaac Coenca
People Intern, Signal Advisors
University of Michigan – Dearborn

Jorden Barnes
Communications Intern, Poisera
University of Michigan

Mai Doan
BioMedical Engineering Intern, Treetown Tech
University of Michigan

Manan Vyas
Product Intern, Athlytic
Michigan State University

Meta Mulumba
New Business Intern, Signal Advisors
Washtenaw Community College

Reese Wagner
Revenue Operations Intern, Signal Advisors
Michigan Technological University

Samantha Ritter
Growth Strategy Intern, Poisera
University of Michigan

Sydney Finkelstein
Data Science Intern, RXA
University of Michigan

Victoria Shipman
Software Developer Intern, Atomic Object
University of Michigan

Yaire Lopez-Quiroz
Software Developer Intern, Claira Technologies
University of Michigan

Hiring Partners

MFF startups and tech companies are eager to hire local, diverse talent and are committed to making Michigan the most successful, inclusive, and community-driven startup ecosystem in the country. The following companies have hired MFF Interns this summer:

University & Community Partners

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