Join Michigan Founders Fund

When you join Michigan Founders Fund, you’re not just committing to your startup’s success – you’re pledging to help make Michigan the most successful, inclusive, and community-minded startup ecosystem in the country.

Founders for Founders

Join a vibrant network of entrepreneurs who understand the unique challenges and rewards of building a high growth startup. Share your experiences, learn from others, and contribute to the success of fellow founders.

Founders for Community

Whether it’s through creating jobs, supporting local organizations, or engaging in community service, we’re dedicated to fostering a healthier, more prosperous Michigan for all.

Commitment to Michigan

We’re not just based in Michigan – we’re part of Michigan. And when we succeed, we stick around, mentoring the next generation of entrepreneurs, and investing in the future of Michigan.

Who Should Join?

Early Founders

Get connected to a network of founders and resources to help you grow your business.

Seasoned Founders

Share the knowledge you’ve learned and give back to the community while gaining access to advisory and board positions.

Founder-First Venture Capitalists

Share your knowledge, guide founders through critical decisions, and help shape the future of our thriving startup ecosystem.

Ready to join MFF?

How the Michigan Pledge Works

To become a member, founders and venture capitalists pledge 1% of equity or annual carry to a Michigan-focused grantmaking fund to financially support impactful organizations across the state and make our communities places innovators are proud to call home. Members have access to specialized programming to build and strengthen relationships across Michigan’s high-growth startup network and to access tools and resources that can advance their business. Our members help frame the core issues areas that will guide our community-focused education, volunteering, and philanthropy in Michigan.

We are looking for Michigan-based founders and venture capitalists who:

  • Believe in and practice our organizational values;
  • Are active contributors and beneficiaries to the statewide founder network;
  • Have products available in-market, with a large Total Addressable Market;
  • Are 100% dedicated to (or full-time) working on the startup, with a company website, email address, and pitch deck;
  • And believe in the power of collective impact to achieve our vision.

As part of the application process, we schedule a 30-minute conversation to learn more about you, your organization, and your interests. If the opportunity feels right, we’ll connect with our current Members to approve your application.

Once approved, we’ll welcome you into the Michigan Founders Fund, share our programming opportunities and resources, and publicize the work of your company and your commitment to Michigan!