Our Vision

Michigan Founders Fund is a connective fiber between progress and people – supporting successful innovation to further positive social, economic, and cultural change.

Our vision is that Michigan is the most successful, inclusive, and community-minded ecosystem in the country for high-growth founders, reflective of the state’s demographics.

To achieve this, we must create lasting change by addressing root causes of our state’s challenges.

The Michigan Pledge Creates Perpetual Community Capital

MFF Members  – startup founders and investors – commit 1% of their company equity, personal equity, annual net profits, or investment carry to the MFF Community Impact Fund. These commitments generate a permanent stream of charitable capital for Michigan communities within our impact areas.

Our Mission

We strive to grow the presence of successful, high-growth ventures and advance civic leadership in Michigan’s entrepreneurial ecosystem by:

  • Creating a strong, inclusive, and active founder-to-founder support network to help leaders succeed in their ventures;
  • Driving a for-purpose, founders-for-founders and founders-for-community culture;
  • Providing founders with a simple mechanism for philanthropic giving and opportunities to become community leaders in parallel to being business leaders.

We can achieve this mission by staying rooted in our values of connection, culture, and community.

Collectively, we can change the status quo.

Impact Areas

In 2022, MFF Members identified three impact areas for which we’ll center our direct giving, programming, advocacy, and resource sharing through 2025. We strive to advance, learn from, collaborate with, and convene community trailblazers who are furthering:

Local talent development by ensuring youth, young adults, and working adults have access to educational opportunities, workforce skill-building, network-building and mentorship opportunities, as well as positive, equitable work experiences in Michigan’s startup ecosystem.

Socially and economically disadvantaged tech founders by furthering opportunities for women, non-binary people, members of the LGBTQ+ community, people with disabilities, Black, Indigenous or People of Color, rural residents, immigrants, refugees, and first-time founders to access and achieve equal success in Michigan’s startup ecosystem.

Racial equity by ensuring Black, Hispanic, Indigenous, and multi-ethnic Michiganders have equal access to a high quality of life, education, economic security, and civic participation.

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