Community Impact

Collectively, we can change the status quo.

Technology is perpetually forward moving. Michigan Founders Fund is the connective fiber between progress and people – supporting successful innovation to further positive social, economic and cultural impact. Founders have a vision for the future they are trying to create. Michigan Founders Fund’s vision is for Michigan to be a place where everyone sees themselves and has the support and resources needed to build a future locally. To do this, we must put stakes in the ground now because lasting change requires addressing root causes, which start at the local community level.

The Michigan Pledge = Perpetual Community Capital

Members commit a small portion (typically 1%) of either their company equity, personal equity, annual net profits or in the case of investors, their investment carry. These commitments become part of a designated Community Impact Fund that generates a permanent stream of charitable capital for Michigan communities.

Impact Areas

STEM Education + Public Interest Tech

Entrepreneurial Support + Economic Development

Equity, Inclusion + Human Services


Arts + Culture

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